About Mission

Successful societies and institutions recognize the need to record their history - this provides a way to review the past, find explanations for current behavior, and spot emerging trends. In 1996 Brewster Kahle realized the cultural significance of the Internet and the need to record its history. As a result he founded the Internet Archive which collects and permanently stores the Web's digitized content.

In addition to the content of web pages, it's important to record how this digitized content is constructed and served. The HTTP Archive provides this record. It is a permanent repository of web performance information such as size of pages, failed requests, and technologies utilized. This performance information allows us to see trends in how the Web is built and provides a common data set from which to conduct web performance research.


The HTTP Archive is an open source project maintained by a core group of developers and contributors from the community. Here's how you can become more involved with the project:


The HTTP Archive is possible through the support of these sponsors: Google, Mozilla, New Relic, O’Reilly Media, Etsy, dynaTrace, Instart Logic, Catchpoint Systems, Fastly, Hosting Facts, TheBestVPN, Akamai, and CodeinWP.

The HTTP Archive is part of the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations in support of the HTTP Archive can be made through the Internet Archive. Contact us for more information and to get your logo added to this page.


For general questions about data or website content, please create a thread on the discussion forum or GitHub project where members of the community will be able to assist you.